Site facilities

Welcome to our site facilities.  Our amenities are here to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable

Electrical hookup

Powered site

Connect your camper to the grid with an electrical hook up.

This allows you to run all the appliances in your camper such as fridge, light, heaters and appliances.  You can also use the power connection to charge your mobile devices



Access our high speed internet during your stay.  Connect with friends and family or use the internet connection to catch up on some Netflix while chilling in the comfort of your camper.

Water supply

Water Supply

There is a hose and water supply right next to the parking spot.  The water quality is great and suitable for drinking.

You can also use the hose to wash down equipment such as bikes and kayaks, or use the hose to wash down your motorhome.

Please note: the site can only accomodate self-contained campervans with onboard toilet facilities